Workflow example added to appsheet help system

Hello all,

We’ve added a walk-through help article and companion app to showcase workflow approval processes, available here:

Note that this is just one possible way to create strict approval processes - there are so many other possibilities here.

Feel free to provide errors/omissions or feedback here, as well as your own opinions and thoughts on best practices with these types of design patterns.

Thank you from all of us here at AppSheet!


Dead Link in
This is the same action we looked at in the first part of this document section.
Getting back to the order of events: Our original action then calls Update Status, this is another reuse of an existing action we already covered here.

A short Video would be helpful.

Thanks! I corrected the text and links.

Re: video, you’re right, I hope to eventually get some time to walk through the finished example via video.

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