Workflow expression

I receive a report every time a column is edited, but in my report all columns are displayed, even those that have not been changed, it is possible to ensure that columns that have not been edited do not appear and receive the report with only those columns that have been changed changed?

You could hide blank columns by wrapping the column label and value in an IF() expression.

Each line of your template would look something like this:
<<IF( ISBLANK( [ColumnName] ), "", "ColumnLabel: " & [ColumnName] )>>

You will have to experiment with line return placement. There will probably be a blank line in place of values, unless you can include the line returns inside your expression, and remove the ones around/outside it.

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@GreenFlux If you use << IF: >> & << EndIf >> formula, it should not add a line return if the field is blank.

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