Workflow is not working

(John Henry Joseph) #1

My tables are as given below.
Table 1 Master Inspection details
Table 2 Child inspection where all checkpoints to be attended. The checkpoints are derived from another table.
Table 1 relates with Table 2.

Want my workflow on table 1 where defined checkpoints are attended. Therefore, create a virtual column “Inspection status” with below expression.

IF(COUNT(SELECT(Inspection Template[Checkpoint], [Fleet Type]= [_THISROW].[Fleet Type])) = [Questions Attended], “Completed”, “Incomplete”)

On workflow, in Update event “ALL_CHANGES” and Condition "[Inspection Status] = “Completed”.

But workflow is not working.

(Bellave Jayaram) #2

You could try this trigger condition:

[_THISROW_AFTER].[Inspection Status] = “Completed”,
[_THISROW_BEFORE].[Inspection Status] <> “Completed”

(John Henry Joseph) #3

Thanks lot for the suggestion. But sorry to say that no response.

(Philip Garrett) #4

Have you looked at the Audit History as described here

What does the Audit History say?

(John Henry Joseph) #5

Audit History was success. But email not received. Any other problem could be… please.

(Philip Garrett) #6

Can you be more specific? What exactly are you seeing in the Audit History?

  1. For example, did the “Condition” match?
  2. Was an email generated?
  3. Did the “To” field value contain the expected email address?
(John Henry Joseph) #7

Today only i got the below error message.

Workflow rule ‘Inspection Report’ action ‘Action 1’ Body template. Template could not be loaded due to exception: ParseStart mismatch: Expected: &lt;&lt;Start: [Related Observations]&gt;&gt;, Actual More infoGo to the problem

My expression in Google template is as below.

<<Start: ORDERBY(SELECT([Related Inspection Checklists][Checklist Code], [Status] = “NOT OK”), [Checklist Code], FALSE) >>

<<IFS([STATUS]="OK",[Checkpoint])>><<IFS([STATUS]="NOT OK",[Checkpoint])>>
<<Start: [Related Observations]>> <<IFS([Category]="Minor",[Observation])>> <<IFS([Category]="Major",[Observation])>> <<End>>


Where is the problem now? Attached Original Google Doc Template for your kind reference.

(Philip Garrett) #8

I do not understand the <<IFS …>> statements in the template.

Are you trying to use an <<IF: …>> statement? They are described in this article

(John Henry Joseph) #9

IFS is suggested to use for single argument.
Believe me, the same template, without doing any changes, working fine now. Thanks lot Mr. @Phil