Workflow names ending with space characters stopped working

Last week I faced a problem,
Some workflows stopped working properly. They were working properly for around 1 year.
After a lot of tests, I recognized that the workflow names ended with Space characters more precisely they were ending with a double space character. ( I don’t remember why they ended with space characters, maybe a copy-paste mistake.)
Please kindly be informed that if you face similar problem space characters may be the reason.


Attn @prithpal @Dan_Bahir @praveen

Something similar happened to one of my reports it’s been running for almost a year normally , last friday its copies rows from one table to another but last week it didn’t copy any rows, I have checked everything and it there wasn’t any failures/errors but it had a space in the end of it’s name, it could be related to what you are reporting , i removed the space character and runned it manually and it worked normally.

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This has been fixed, workflow rules that have leading or trailing spaces in their names will continue to work as expected.