Workflow Not Being LOgged

Workflows show no Successes nor Failures in the Audit Log?

Anyone else having problems?

I have seen this for myself and for others who I was helping. What I have noticed is that occasionally it seems some logging entries are dropped.

Have you tried re-running the workflow multiple times and does it not log any of the entries? Or is it that only some entries are not logged?



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I have a support ticket outstanding this morning of audit logs for add rows that are missing and those add rows should have triggered workflows and bots(I have only converted parts of my old workflows to bots).

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I have resorted to doing a ‘binary chop’ on the template to find out what statement is failing. However normally a fail is shown in the logs.

What I have found after extensive testing, is that any errors in the template are not logged, the task says success, but no PDF is produced.

This means it’s impossible to debug a new template.

@prithpal ^^

I also have a similar support ticket outstanding. Bot related to simply changing one column from FALSE to TRUE in a 4000 row table on a schedule. Previously setup as a workflow.

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Presumed it might be related to the time taken to complete a few fairly big Reset on Edit + Initial Value formulas (particularly in Timesheet[Payment]).  So set it to just to the last week (in the report settings), about 50ish rows.  Still did nothing.  Set it to just do [_Rownumber]=3360, still nothing.  

So thought this might be somehow related to automation.  So created a bot called Write Timesheet[Locked]=TRUE at 0001 on Monday.  Based on the same schedule and calling the same action.  Still nothing.  Checked the logs and related to the action running at 5/10/2021 4:45:27 PM I now have 137 entries related to this bot!  All basically saying the same...

"Condition": "<null>",
"MatchesCondition": "True",
"EventType": "Scheduled",
"InvokedBy": "ScheduledService",
"AppTemplateVersion": "1.002453",
"Process Name": "New process",
"ServerRegion": "europe-west4",
"TableName": "Timesheet",
"OperationUpdateMode": "UNASSIGNED",
"EventMatch": "Workflow event successfully matched",
"IgnoreSecurityFilters": true,
"Task Type": "TakeAction",
"Task Name": "Mon 0001 set [Locked=TRUE:Change Data Task",
"AppTemplateName": "146e3986-2377-41c5-b69c-917fc6bbd03b",
"Operation": "Scheduled Bot",
"Result": "Success"

Checked out the Monitor button for that Bot and it displays 2 other apps on this account, but not this app :/  

So I'm completely stuck.  
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Sounds like this is related to the changeover from workflows to bots that has happened this month.

It’s very frustrating when you get a changed it makes things much worse than before.

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Possibly related?

Moved topic to #appsheet-automation.

technically workflow issues instead of automations but I digress :slight_smile: I am blaming automations for these new workflow issues.

Does not matter what it’s called.

The fact is existing Workflows do NOT report errors anymore in the Audit log.

And this must be a result of a change that AppSheet made because they worked OK last week.

Another change implemented but not tested…this is getting very frustrating.

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thank you so much for bringing up the issue!
We are working on a change to fix this and will make sure workflow errors (with templates specifically) are correctly reported/logged to the audit history.
We will update you once the change has been deployed.


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Many Thanks @Zhifeng_Lin

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The fix has been deployed and you should now see workflow errors with templates are logged to audit history.