Workflow not finding template

I have this error, and haven´t been able to fix it.

Errors": “Error: Workflow rule ‘CorreoEntrega’ action ‘correoentrega’ Body template. Template could not be found because AuthInfo could not be obtained for User 897753 DataSourceName ‘google’”,

Hi, this error occurred because the account 897753 is a Dropbox account, but the template of the workflow is stored in Google Drive. Could you give us the name and the account of the affected app?

hi harry actually the template is stored on onedrive
account 897753
app actas algamar.

I am new, and I would like what my users credential should be so there will be no problems with the workflows

Have you had time to look at it?


When you picked the email body template “Adjunto encuentra reporte de entrega”, did you click on the file icon to open the file picker and then pick the file in OneDrive, or did you simply type in the name of the file directly into the text box? If you simply typed in the name of the file, the app editor will not be able to recognize the location of the file, and will thus assume that it is in Google, the default location for workflow templates. As a result, when AppSheet attempts to look for the template in Google and doesn’t find anything, an error will occur. Could you try selecting the email body template file again, but this time using the file picker?

Hy Harry, I did pick the file and did not type the name. I have tried changing the location and picking it on the new location and still does not work. And it is funny because first it stated some errors on the template syntax. and then this one

I found the mistake, there was some text on the body template and not a route to a file, thanks

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