Workflow not invoking

I am using an “all changes” workflow, the table changes are made by calculation to changes in other table, but changes don’t invoke the workflow, only if I make changes directly to that table, but not to those who make changes to it. any idea how to fix it?

Have you read this?


I think what Steve was trying to get as is that the behavior you describe:

Is standard behavior.

If you need to trigger something on another table, you’ll have to create a way for Table A to know that it needs to update from Table B’s changes.

You might check out the new automation panel - it’s exactly for this sort of stuff.

I understand that, and that is how I made it work. changes in table B create a change through the app in table A. nonetheless the workflow is not invoked, as though it does’t count automatic changes as change.

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Changes by one workflow will not trigger another workflow.

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so is there any way for changes in table A to trigger a workflow that will case an action (webhook) in table B?

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