Workflow not picking up information

This is HTML that is part of one of my workflow rules. I have been using this template for close to a year now without any issues.

I have attached copied this portion of the attachment and added it to the end of another workflow template for the same app. It will no longer pick up the related data that is sitting on child tables “Related Request Details” and “Related Non Standard Items”.

An example of how it is supposed to come through (I realize the font is different its the same template this is just an old example):

How it is now coming through when I add this to the very end of the workflow with other HTML in it.

I haven’t changed the HTML at all for the related details but they are not being picked up anymore. I would be more than happy to share the actual template to get this worked out.

Thank you

I can investigate if you provide:

  1. Your account id
  2. The app name
  3. The workflow rule name
  2. NewApp-532846-18-08-06
  3. New Workflow Rule

I have an update on this. When I testing the app I cannot get it to fill out the “Related Request Details” section as mentioned above. However users have been filling out forms that trigger this workflow and when they do it does fill out the bottom “Related Request Details” section. This is even more confusing to me now because it if works when they trigger it why doesn’t it work when I trigger it?

Hi Curtis,

Thanks for the information and the clarification.

I should have asked for the steps to reproduce the problem.
Can you describe the exact steps to reproduce the problem?
Are you simply clicking the “Test” button?
If not, what are you doing?

From the app editor screen I am just using “preview other form factors” and filling it out, the workflow triggers on all changes. I have been getting a hodge podge of emails regarding this workflow where some of them have the bottom section of the HTML code working correctly and some of them where it is not working correctly. Which of course is just confusing me.

Thank you for your help phil