Workflow Not Triggering in certain condition


I have a Workflow created based on ‘Adds’ to a table and it triggers as expected if I create a record for the relevant table through the associated Form.

Separately I created (1) An ‘Add a new row to another table using values from this row’ Action which will add records to the same table as above and (2) Created an Automated Report with a ‘Change Data’ task to call the action in point (1).

It all works as it should except when the new row is added to the table based on the Action in point (1) the original ‘Adds’ Workflow does not send the email as it does if the record was added through a form by the user.

The ‘If This Is True’ condition is met in both scenarios so that should not be the issue.

Is this behaviour expected and if so is there anything I can do to get the Workflow Email to trigger when a record is added through a ‘Change Data’ Action?

Hope this makes sense?

Many thanks.

Workflows and reports do not trigger workflows. Workflows are only triggered by data arriving at the server from an app or through the API.


Thank you @Steve

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