Workflow not triggers by adding an new row in my Jotform (outside app)

Hello Guys!

I have the next problem, when someone fill in a new form there is an ‘ADD’ event I my google sheet, but the workflow will not be triggered, because it is not an user that made the changes it is an automatic change from my Jotform.

Is there an option instead of

this? Because based on with I was reading, this is always an user that need to do this…

Thank you for you help guys!

There is, through the new Automation capability that supports “external data change events” vs relying on the app user to do it. You can create a Bot (in the automation section), configure the correct event and it will execute a process that can have one or more tasks/actions. See some examples that you can try out here.

I assumed event add on not listening to data change event made externally. We conducted a quick test for this.

We made a change directly and manually on the spreadsheet. Yes this triggers process.

We made another app using this spreadsheet. And we made a data change for this 2 nd app I. An attempt to excute process in 1st app. It did not happen.


I have this same issue. After setting up the Appsheet Events Addon in Google Sheets, manual updates to the sheet trigger the Automation but another app changing the sheet data does not.

Is this intentional behavior because I was under the impression it should work in both cases (and really need it to).



Many of community member is reporting this (bot is not reacting the data change event made by externally), which indicate well that the bot is not working as you expected.

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Its probably also worth mentioning that I had this issue when only the app holding the automation’s access key was added to the sheet’s Appsheet Event addon AND when access keys were added to the sheet for both apps (the app holding the automation that triggers the event as expected and the secondary app that changes that data that does not trigger the event).


Yeah, currently the event add-on is working on when we open the sheet and made changes directly into it manually. Otherwise, the bot is not listening to the data change event, which should not be BY DESIGN, according to Prithpal. There should be a glitch.

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Looks like we may have run into a bug. It should work for “any” data change - manually or made by another app. @Temiloluwa_Otuyelu can you look into this please?


Trust me, it is not working as you expected, while it is surely good to know the event add on is capable of listening to the ANY external data change event.

That would be really nice!

Happy to hear again from you guys!

So looked into this, my apologies I was assuming a Google form and not “jotform”. Changes coming in from Google forms as a sheet update are supported today. Support for updating a Sheet directly through the Sheet API (which is what I believe jotform is trying to do) and triggering a bot/process is in our long term roadmap.

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So can we conclude that the current Google Sheet appsheet add-on capability is just to detect the change of data when someone directly change the data in sheet manually while they open Googlesheet app AND the data is changed through Google Form.

The rest of any data change event is not currently supported.

I m now pretty much confused as you have been explaining to us that external data change is also SUPPORTED, but now you are saying something different from what you have been saying.


Data change (external to AppSheet) is still supported @tsuji_koichi - currently we support changes made from two sources: Salesforce (updates to all standard & custom objects) & Sheets (updated either manually or through Google forms). As I mentioned in my previous post supporting events generated from updating a Sheet through an API is on our longer term roadmap.

Thanks for your confirmation, now things are clear to me. My own mystery is solved. Cheers

I’m in need of a little if you can spare it please.

currently we support changes made from two sources: Salesforce (updates to all standard & custom objects) & Sheets (updated either manually or through Google forms).

To my dismay, “updated either manually or through Google forms” would NOT include updates make to Sheets from other Appsheet Apps, does it?

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This should be pinned so users dont expect it to work, I have tried working on it for a day, someone else might spend alot more based on a wrong assumption.


Not currently.

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Want to call out that the AppSheet API route is always available. The following should work:

  1. Create an “Order” table in your app (where the backing source is a sheet)
  2. Create a bot with an event (order updated and a process (send email to someone)
  3. Make a manual update to the order sheet → Bot executes
  4. Make a call to the AppSheet API (to update an order) → Bot executes

I will try and put together a video sample in the next few days.

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Thank you for your suggestion.

I think I understand this now. If I wanted changes to the Orders sheet from a 2nd app to trigger the bot set up in the first app, then Step 4, calling an appsheet API, would be done in the second app to the first app.

Something like:


And the action being called can merely be to trigger the bot, as long as I am performing an HTTP Verb that will logically trigger the bot with the appropriate change type its looking for.

Am I understanding this correctly?