Workflow not Working when the update is from another workfolw


i have a workflow to update a Order Status [Order Status] and another workflow to add rows in a table “Order Trip Log” triggered by a Status Change in the Order.

its working just fine when the change in the status is made by the user via the editing the order it self by order form but its not working when the same change is made by the workflow that i set up to change the Order Status.

the first workflow ( to change the order status):
user scan a QR of the Order and the 1# workflow changes the Order status to Ready “Works Fine”

the Change is the Order Status in the #1 workflow should also Trigger 2# workflow that adds a row in “Order Trip Log” table with values from “Order” Table. (Does Not Work).

though #2 workflow Works just fine When the changes in the [Order Status] made via the form of the order.

i have used Yes\No condition for the #2 workflow as following:

First i did this:

[_THISROW_BEFORE].[Order Status]<>[_THISROW_AFTER].[Order Status]

then i read that if its a workflow that changed the value i should make the compare between the Before and Current Values so i used this:

[_THISROW_BEFORE].[Order Status] <>[_THISROW].[Order Status]

still didn’t work when the change in Order Status is made by the workflow but worked when the change is made with the edit form view.

please help!

Yes this is a normal behavior if I understood your challenge. The Workflow won’t trigger another Workflow unless you are triggering a Webhook.

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they are two separate workflows actually 1# workflow triggered from a change in another table than “Order” but its action in the Order Table “Change Order Status”.

2# workflow is triggered by the change in Order Status made in by the 1# Workflow
i though its a before after value issue.

is there any way around it?