Workflow: Notification of Users

I have a workflow that is supposed to notify a specific user when an acct is marked “Sold”. The Action is asking for the email address of the user to notify. The email address is Because there is a hyphen I must enclose this in quotes which gives me "".

When I go into the expression assistant I get this error message:

The expression is valid but its result type ‘Text’ is not one of the expected types: Email

I assume this is an easy fix, but I’m not sure where to go from here. Any help is appreciated.

You are correct. You uncovered bug.

If testing goes well, the change that corrects the bug will be released this afternoon Seattle time.

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Wondering if this issue has been solved. I’m not getting the error message any more, but the notifications aren’t coming through either.


HI Eric,

What do you see when you check the Audit History as described here?

It shows that it was sent, but I never received it.

Here are the details:

“AppTemplateName”: “FieldEstimate-129634”,
“AppId”: “6d557947-ae12-4feb-8e00-b81954f53320”,
“AppTemplateVersion”: “1.042167”,
“RuleName”: “Notify new leads to Eric Silver”,
“EventType”: “Change”,
“InvokedBy”: “Update”,
“TableName”: “Field Estimate”,
“RuleTableName”: “Field Estimate”,
“OperationUpdateMode”: “UPDATES_ONLY”,
“EventMatch”: “Workflow event successfully matched”,
“Condition”: “=AND([Status] = “1 - Lead”, [Estimate Owner] = “Eric Silver”)”,
“MatchesCondition”: “True”,
“ActionResults”: “Created 1 ActionResults”,
“Action Name”: “Notify Eric”,
“To”: " ",
“Body”: "You have a new lead. Click here to see it. ",
“NotificationAction”: “AppTemplateId: 6d557947-ae12-4feb-8e00-b81954f53320, HashState: #view=Open%20Leads%20by%20Estimate%20Owner, Name: DEEP_LINK, IsNotification: True”,
“Icon”: “”,
“Title”: “New Lead!”,
“Operation”: “Change workflow rule”,
“Performance”: “{“Version”:1,“Time”:“00:00:00”,“PerformanceTimingRoot”:{“Mid”:154,“Params”:{“ParamList”:[{“Pid”:13,“Value”:“Estimates_Active”}]},“Timer”:{“Time”:“00:00:00”},“Children”:},“IsEmpty”:false}”,
“Result”: “Success”