Workflow notification TimeNow()

I am writing a program that can read the system time from ( PC or Mobile ) and compare it to a stored value ( TIME NOW ). when both values match, the software should send a notification.

I used the function in the window Workflow / Condition [TIME]=TIMENOW() and it didn’t work.

Is there a different equation/function ?

Hello @UNITED_SKATEBOARDS, two things:

  • The condition for a workflow only evaluates after the workflow is triggered by an add/update/edit/delete based on your update event, that’s why it’s an optional condition.
  • As a condition, i don’t think [TIME]=TIMENOW() will ever be TRUE, since the [TIME] is the time a row was changed inside the app, and the TIMENOW() will return the time at which Appsheet is evaluating row by row.


Thanks for the explanation.

In that case, how can I make APPSHEET send a notification at specific time?

Hey @UNITED_SKATEBOARDS , that’s exactly what reports are for, i don’t have any experience with those, so i can only refer you to their documentation.