Workflow Notification

I’m trying to set up a workflow notification that will notify staff that a booking is ending in 1 hour by using the column [end time] in my spreadsheet, for example [End time] =(NOW() -1).
my question is… 1. Is this expression correct? 2. What do i set for “update event” as i’m not actually updating/ deleting or adding data if that make sense?

Workflow rule can be triggered by either:

  1. An Add, Update, or Delete performed through your AppSheet application.
  2. A Report you schedule to run on a specified day and time.

If you want to run the Report every hour, you will need to create one Report instance for each hour of the workday. They can all invoke the save underlying Report.

In that Report you could look for bookings that were going to expire in the next hour and send emails or notification to the appropriate people.


Thanks Phil!