WorkFlow -> Notifications When I send notifi...

(Srikanth S) #1

WorkFlow -> Notifications

When I send notification from the Test the notification is expandable and I can see the complete data.

On running the app and when the work flow is executed. I can see the notification but it is not expandable. Meaning I see only the Title of the notification and the first line in the text followed by two dots …

And the Notification does not contain an arrow after Appsheet… It shows a dot. In the Test, I can see an arrow to collapse.

What is wrong?

(Srikanth S) #2

Ok, when the screen is locked,

the down arrow to collapse appears, otherwise it is shown without the downarrow and cannot be collapsible…

Thats my real problem…

Can somebody be kind to reply please

(Aleksi Alkio) #3

Would you please take a printscreen from these two situations, thanks.

(Srikanth S) #4

Thanks it solved. The issue was with the battery saver setting of the phone to display the notification properly. Got it adjusted. Thanks Aleksi for your prompt response.

(Aleksi Alkio) #5

Glad you were able to solve the issue :slight_smile:

(Philip Garrett) #6

@Srikanth_S @Aleksi_Alkio

Hi Srikanth,

Do you think that other users are likely to encounter this problem?

If so, can you describe it well enough that we can add your description of the problem and the solution to the documentation?

(Srikanth S) #7

Issue: Notifications are not expanding (collapsing) when the phone is locked on One Plus (Android) phones. No problems reported on iPhones or Motorolla or Samsung makes.

Solution: Go to the battery settings (Settings->Battery). Click on Battery Optimization, click on Appsheet and select “Don’t Optimize”.

(Srikanth S) #8

Looks like this exclusive to OnePlus phones.