Workflow Notifications

How do I test whether my workflow notification is working? I tried switching between users and nothing happened when it was supposed to.


Is your app in prototype? Apps in prototype only send workflows to the email of the app creator.

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I tried deploying the app and it didn’t make a difference.

What Kind of notification are you using?, if you are using the notify notification, you need to make sure you have the Firebase API Set up.

Did you make an account with firebase and put the api key in?

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I didn’t know I had to do that. I’ll attempt it and follow up if I run into trouble. Thank you. Where do I find the api key?

The apps that your users are currently using will need to be reinstalled. With an api Key your whitelabel app will need to be repackaged.


Hi Tiffany,

Is your application a white label application? I ask because white label apps are pretty rare. If not, you should not need to create a Firebase Account to send a notification.

What do you see when you look in Audit History as described in this article

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I attempted to make it a white label application but I don’t have enough licenses. I will read what you suggested. Thank you.

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I found this

What do you see when you click the binoculars?
If you click that, you see the details.

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The error message should be in the properties.
What is it?

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