Workflow on change

I would like my workflow to run only if one field is changed.
I have a Next Approver field and only when that field is changed I want my workflow to run.
There are instances where people add comments or make a change to the record and I don’t need to notify anyone. If the Next approver field is not changed it will send to the current “next approver” and they have already rec’d the email.

actually if I could add a call to a workflow in an action that would work, then I would only call the workflow if they take that action that changes the nextapprover.

You could use condition rule as AND(ISNOTBLANK([Next Approval]),[_THISROW_BEFORE].[Next Approval]<>[_THISROW_AFTER].[Next Approval]). This will send the email only when that column’s value is changed.

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wouldn’t I compare before to after?

Sorry, typo error. I updated the syntax.

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