Workflow or Action?

Hello, I am brand new to AppSheet, and brand new to any kind of app building. I am trying to create an inventory management app for our company, and have looked at the many sample apps Appsheet has. But as a manufacture, the sample apps don’t have any kind of Assembly or Parent/child info. My table has a list column for Product(what is sold on website), Assembly(a group of parts), Parts (things we make), and Hardware(outside sourced). It also has a Parent Column that has the name of the Product or Assembly that is its’ respective parent (only products and assemblies can be parents)

What I am looking at doing is when I add X amount of one product/assembly to inventory, the app will check if any rows have that product/assembly as a parent, and remove it’s Qty from the inventory.
Example, I have a product of 2 plates and 4 bolts in one package. If I make assemble 10 packages for stock, it should remove 20 plates and 40 bolts from inventory because they’re packaged as a product now.

I have started using a sample app as my base template with receiving and shipping, and thought when I add inventory to the receiving to just add the child parts to the shipping, but I am at a loss on how to do it with the actions/workflow.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

I would need to see a screenshot of your table structure to understand a little better. But you would start with a workflow on the table that you are adding the product/assembly that when a new record is added you want to do an Action. If you can provide a screenshot of your table spec (found under info) and then give me a bit more detail on the steps you’d want (ie, when record is added to table A, check this column on table B and update this column, etc) then I can try to give you a more detailed answer! I believe this is possible but you are probably going to need a workflow with multiple actions to accomplish this.