Workflow pagination, headers and footers

Sure Doni - if you’ve found a way to solve the issue of variable row heights, i’d be super curious! :nerd_face:

Was this done natively with AppSheet?

Same here!
HTML sure allow for some pretty cool things that can often be challenging to print. So I would be interested as well!

Me too please :slight_smile:

I would like to see how you did your HTML template as well. Thanks.

Provided you can share an open source for your solution under this post, community members might get most benefit out of it. Thanks for sharing.

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Curiosity peaked.

yes, i did it with Appsheet and HTML styles. In screen view you can see all records in list with a header and a footer, and in print option repeat the header and footer in every page. it colud not be perfectly depurated, but solved my problem in reports

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I upload the template html, css style and header and footer image.

In the template you can see
<<Start: [ID Factura].[Detalle Factura]>>
[Detalle Factura] was a related table of table workflow

[Horas Albaranes] and [Horas Materiales] are related tables of [Detalle Factura]

In expression <<IF(ISNOTBLANK([Cantidad]),[Total],"")>> you can se how i put the formulas in html template. all caracters must be converted to html
< > ( ) " " or caracters like ó é í

You must create a workflow using HTML

Goog Luck


And the output of this is a .pdf, or is it a .html page?

If its possible to style my documents directly with HTML / CSS and output them to .pdf this is a game changer. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

i’m not an expert in html, but maybe here could help us to convert html files in pdf directly.

We can do it !! :slight_smile:

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I think this could be an option:

Save the HTML to Gdrive and send the URL to a microservice,, running as a cloud function or on a server


Is there a way for the table to add columns as required just like you have it there for rows? I’ve had it working for rows before but am now stuck as I need to work for columns. See image below

You can create table and columns using << Start >> expression in the table definition

< table >
< tr >
< th > Firstname < /th >
< th > Lastname < /th >
< th > Age < /th >
< /tr >
< /table >

< table >
< tr >
< th > [Column Name] < /th >
<< End >>
< /tr >
<< Start: ‘DATA CONTENT’ >>
< tr >
< td > [Data Content].[Value] < /td >
< /tr >
<< End >>
< /table >

You must to encode the FILTER or SELECT formula to HTML

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awesome Work Jonathon