Workflow Problem

Can someone let me know what I am doing wrong here?

<<If: Count([Related Products])>0>>

<<Start: [Related Products]>>

<<If: (Or(And([Product Specifications UTD] <> "Green",[Product Specifications UTD] <> "Blue"),

And([Allergen Statements UTD] <> "Green",[Allergen Statements UTD] <> "Blue"),

And([GRAS Statement UTD] <> "Green",[GRAS Statement UTD] <> "Blue"),

And([Organic Certificate UTD] <> "Green",[Organic Certificate UTD] <> "Blue"),

And([Gluten Free Certificate UTD] <> "Green",[Gluten Free Certificate UTD] <> "Blue"),

And([NON GMO Statement UPD] <> "Green",[NON GMO Statement UPD] <> "Blue"),

And([Kosher Certificate UTD] <> "Green",[Kosher Certificate UTD] <> "Blue"),

And([Radiological Statement UTD] <> "Green",[Radiological Statement UTD] <> "Blue")) = “True”)>>

Product Name: <<[Product Name]>>




Saying This.

IDK Anymore.

If that is directly copy/pasted, try deleting the new lines in your IF statement so that it is one long line.

Also, you don’t need the = "True" part. The expression will evaluate to True or False, and if it does evaluate to True, there is no need to further compare it to anything.


Man I need to remember that, Its works fine when creating the expression in app

I think when using <<IF:>> and <START:>> tags the << and >> can’t be on different numbered lines. I think it’s a JSON conversion thing. AppSheet can handle the new lines, but the JSON doesn’t.

Yea, lets see what this new PDF Factory thing brings about :slight_smile: