Workflow program in Plain text?

Hi Community its Me again the Public works employee. So i have a question about the workflow program sending email. Right now workflow works great in submitting HTML or PDF format. But i have one person that wants this in plain text sent to his email. Is this something i can do with the workflow to make it send in plain text?

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The workflow email is always sent as HTML.

You can create the Body as simple text or the Body Template File as a simple text file. When we do template variable replacement, this resulting Body will be plain text.

However, we wrap the Body text in HTML before sending the Email, so the resulting Email body will contain at least some amount of HTML in the wrapper.

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Why may we not have the Content-Type: text/plain as plain text (with
replaced with a return) and keep the Content-Type: text/html as is?

Appsheet is using Mandrill (Mailchimp) service to generate “HTML” email, I dont think we can change it over unless they move to other external services.