Workflow Prompt user after Condition

Does the option exists to have a prompt before a workflow action is executed?

I would like to define a workflow action and have the option to prompt the user to execute the action if conditions are true.

When (condition) ‘Invoice[Deposit] > 0’ execute (workflow action) ‘Invoice Receipt’ which displays a prompt “Confirm Action (Email/Webhook)?”

Hi @Kyle_Grieb,

Have you taken a look at the section " Sending Email from an Action Button" in the article mentioned below. Does this help?

I understand the section; to create a table that uses form data as a prompt.

I would rather have just a confirmation prompt. (Action will be executed, continue?)

I am afraid , I am unware of how it can be achieved. I am sure, someone else may have useful inputs.

It sounds it’s should be doable if you use the same condition rule with an action and you add it as an “Event action”. When you save the record, the action can show you a confirmation and then the user can choose yes or no. Would that work for you?


Would selecting no in a workflow event action cancel a form save or only cancel the action flow?

It can cancel the Workflow as well.

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Does the confirmation message allow for template expressions? “Accept? [”&<<[Ref].[Col]>>