Workflow question / advise sought Am I corre...

(Glenn Thorne) #1

Workflow question / advise sought

Am I correct in that a workflow can only trigger one action?

For example you cannot generate an email and change data within the same workflow???

I need to generate an invoice number and install it in a cell and THEN generate an email to send the invoice out.

I can create both workflows with no problem but am struggling with the precedence of actions.

I need to ensure that the invoice number is updated (Data update - Workflow 1) before sending an email invoice (Email invoice - Workflow 2).


thoughts or guidance on this?

Thanks all in advance.

(Philip Garrett) #2


You are correct that we do not currently support the ability to make a data change and send an email in a single workflow rule.

Is the invoice number located in the table that triggers the workflow rule, or is it in a child table? That might make a difference.

(Glenn Thorne) #3

Same table…

(Philip Garrett) #4


Would it suffice to omit the invoice number from the email and instead include a deep link to the record having the invoice number?

If you did that, both rules would likely fire before the user could receive the email, click on the deep link, and retrieve the record containing the invoice number.

(Glenn Thorne) #5

Not sure I understand that but don’t think it will work since the invoice number for the record is calculated using a max function.

It’s tangly for sure. Can you explain the deep link option a bit further?

(Philip Garrett) #6

Your workflow Email can contain a “deep link” to a specific application view in your application. The deep link can include the key of the specific record to be displayed in that view. This allows you to direct the recipient to open your app and see exactly the view and record you want them to see.

My thought was that instead of including the invoice number in the email, you could send them a deep link to you app that would display the invoice number along with other relevant data.

If you are trying to send a written invoice, this approach would not work. I was just hoping that this might suffice until we enhance workflow to do the workflow rule sequencing you requested originally.

(Glenn Thorne) #7


Won’t work that way.

The invoice is generated for the customer after we pass them the phone to sign and approve. They don’t have access

to the app after we leave them.

I guess I will have to add an extra workflow step elsewhere

to generate and install the invoice number before passing the phone to the customer.


(Philip Garrett) #8


I have one other thought but it might be too kludgy.

You could compute the invoice number using an event triggered workflow rule.

You could then create a scheduled rule (Report) that sends out the invoices on a schedule. I am not sure how often you would need to run the scheduled rule to be sufficiently responsive. I have a rule that runs every hour, for example.