Workflow Report Blank Initially, Works after Edit

I am having an issue with an app creating a workflow report template that has no data filled in on initial send. When the user goes back and makes any change and saves the pdf report is populated correctly.


Workflow is setup to send email and create a PDF report when update event is “ADDS_AND_UPDATES”

Upon saving an entry a workflow fires creating an email and attaching a Word template. The email is received with the PDF but all data fields are blank. If the user goes back into the survey, changes an entry, and saves, the workflow fires again but the data fields are now populated correctly in the PDF.

It’s almost as it the workflow is triggered before the data is saved and available.

Any help would be appreciated.


Maybe worth checking those docs?

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Thank you for the reply. In the referenced case no child tables are being updated, just the primary table which triggers the workflow.

So the template fails to populate on adds, but does populate on updates?


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Are you sure the row that triggers the workflow in fact has the non-blank column values used by the template? You’ve confirmed by looking at the data in your data source?

I have confirmed. The initial workflow fires and template is sent and attached to the email, but blank. Upon going back into the same data, changing any field, and saving, the workflow fires and the template is populated.

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I’m afraid I have no explanation for that behavior. I’m going to have to refer you to for deeper troubleshooting.

Thanks Steve. I will contact support.

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