Workflow Report template

I have a VC SELECT(Delivery Associate[_ComputedName], IFS(AND(ISBLANK([ORIENTATION]), [Needs to Submit 2 Forms of ID]= true), [2 Forms of ID]= true, [Needs to Submit 2 Forms of ID]= false, [2 Forms of ID]=false))

I would like to make this into a workflow report but am stuck on how to construct the template.

I’m not sure I’m clear on what you’re asking or wanting to do.

What do you mean you want to take this formula and make it a workflow report?

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I am trying to turn this into a report. I have used this expression on a previous report

|<<Start:ORDERBY(SELECT(Delivery Associate[_ComputedName], AND([Onboard Date]>=[_THISROW].[Onboard Date From],[Onboard Date]<=[_THISROW].[Onboard Date To])),FALSE)>> <<[Onboard Date]>>|<<[DA Photo]>>|<<[First Name]>>|<<[Last Name]>>|<<[Phone]>>|<<[Email]>>


But it is not working for this one. I have researched on templates that use If: but still got errors. I am pooped.