Workflow rule - i want the user to have a clickable location using my lat long value

I have built a workflow rule. In this rule i want the user to get my latlong and/or address in the email/text. I want the user to be able to click on that latlong or address and take them to google maps. I tried doing this through the UX - Format Rules. But i have not been able to accomplish it yet.

My format Rule - i choose the correct table and column. I then choose “Tiny” - for the “Workflow Template Format” - image format. it did not do anything.

I am only seeing text - not a clickable to a map.

This is my expression:

Tiger driver, <<[Driver]>>, will be arriving in 30 minutes at <<[ship address]>>
Where we are right now:
Current Location: <<[Current LatLong]>>

I want to also say - i am not seeing an image either. Which i thought was suppose to show.

If you want to force them to Google Maps from a text/email, you’ll need to craft a Google Map URL with your destination prefilled. Otherwise, its out of AppSheet’s hands and up to the user’s default settings for everything else. For example, on my phone all address pop up with a link to Google Maps no matter where the address is populated from. But I do not have my computer setup to do the same. So checking the same email won’t give me a link.

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ok. I read in an article:
that you could have them see the map.

So i cannot do this?

Hmm, I see what it says. How does it look in an email/text?

well. That is the funny thing. Text only. I cannot get an image at all.

I must have something wrong. Also, i cannot get it to send an email.

While having text only is ok, i want to be able to show exactly where the driver is (image). This would add a very cool feature to my emails.

Ooooo, you want the Google map to show up as an image? That definitely isn’t going to be supported directly through AppSheet.

If AppSheet does anything by default, it would be to automatically make latlongs and addresses into a clickable google maps link. I don’t mess with texts and emails so I don’t know what AppSheet normally would do. If it’s not already doing that, it would be easy to force yourself, by using HYPERLINK(), a Google Map URL, and the address or latlong.

To capture a picture of the map to embed in an email/text, that would require some other external service I think. Unless SNAPSHOT() can do it.

Ok. Well a clickable would be even better. But it is not doing that either. I will try SNAPSHOT(). Thanks

HYPERLINK(CONCATENATE("",ENCODEURL([LocationColumn])), "Text or [Column] To Display")

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Thank you.

I tried it but it did not work:

<<[Driver from GeoTab]>>, from Tiger will be arriving in 30 minutes at <<[ship address]>>
Where we are right now:
Current LatLong: HYPERLINK(CONCATENATE(“”,ENDCODEURL([Current LatLong])), “Current Location”)

It did not hyperlink and it shows what the expression says. Meaning - it shows the expression.

How did you put that in your template?

Scratch that, just send a picture of your template.

You got to wrap anything that isn’t plain text in the << >>

OH! Thanks

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now it says this error:?

A minor typo from me. ENCODEURL not ENDCODEURL

I guess i am not putting <<>> in the right places?

You did it! Thanks!

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Sorry - one more question. How can i bold something in this workflow rule?

In order to do that, you’ll have to create an external template (the spot that say “Body Template”). In those templates, you format the text how you want it to appear (color, size, bold, italics, etc).

Now, granted, I don’t believe you can use those kinds of formats within a text message. You would need a fancier MMS message to do formatting. And that would require your own external Twilio account.

ok. I gotcha. I am still having trouble making it email using the SAME workflow rule. So i went to texting…