Workflow rule not firing using child table

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on the following, I have a workflow rule that has worked in previous apps without any problems, now however I am struggling to get this to work.

I have two tables, Requisitions (parent) and Items (child), you can add many Items to a requisition and Items has a “Is Part Of” relationship to the requisitions table.

I have an Updates Only workflow set up to run when the Requisitions table is updated however I am struggling to get this to work, it wont even show up as failed in the log analyser.

I have another 2 apps where this exact workflow runs, column names, keys and relationships are all the same.

Has something changed on the back end so that this is no longer possible but retained that feature for older apps?

The only way I can get this to fire is if I set it to “Adds Only”, however this does not include the following information in the email.

<<Start: [Related Items]>>

Any help would be much appreciated.


PS under <<[Comments]>> it does say End but it doesnt show up for some reason!

For me it sounds that you are trying to trigger a Workflow rule when the parent and child records are added (at the same time). When you are doing this, the parent record is saved first because of the Parent ID value and then child records. Because the parent record is saved first, this will trigger the Workflow without your child records because they are not saved yet. Please check this article about it…

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Thanks Aleksi, that sounds correct, however I did initially set the workflow to run when the Parent table was Updated, as the child records were saved after the parent record this would count as an update to the parent table.

Because of the “Is Part Of” relationship between the two it would fire the workflow.

This has, and is currently working on two other apps and I cannot seem to see any difference between the older apps and this new one.

Do you know of any changes made that could have affected this?

Thanks for the reply.

What happens when you try to update the parent record when all child records are saved? Does it work then?

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Thanks Aleksi, that seems to work.

As a workaround I have added an action to trigger when the form is saved, this changes the data in a hidden columns, this counts as an update and allows the workflow to fire!

Thanks again!

Yes, Event action is one way to be sure that all child records are added as well.

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