Workflow Rule Trigger

I have a Google spreadsheet linked to my Appsheet App. This google Spreadsheet is updated via a google form.
I created a workflow rule to trigger when the google sheet is updated. However it does not seem to execute. After some research I found this.

Workflow rules are not triggered by:

  1. Changes made directly to the spreadsheet or database.

Outside of setting up a notification on google sheets, is there a way to do a work around on AppSheet to be able to trigger an email to be sent out when the google sheet is updated?

Hi @mbarkemeyer ,

It’s still a preview program, but the AppSheet Events add-on is said to support input from Google forms.

However, I have yet to detect any registration from the form as an event.:persevere:

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Thank you for the reply. Right now it’s not making any sense to me as I am a complete novice with this stuff. I will try and go through it and see if I can make any sense of it.
Do you know of any video’s showing how to set it up?
Thanks again.


This might be helpful.