Workflow Run Task problem

Santiago Montoya gave a good example of changing data from a workflow rule but it does not seem to work properly Changing Data from a Workflow Rule or Scheduled Report | AppSheet Help Center

The issue is that Workflow > Run these tasks > Task category > Change Data

does not save the ‘Data change action name’

Consequently, the workflow rule that I am creating does not run. I have checked this by adding a second task so that the first task is Change Data and the second task is Send email. While the workflow gets to the second task and sends email, the first change data task does not work. Again, I have run the behaviour task as a stand alone item inline within the app and it works as intended, so I no the behaviour works nicely to change data in a row.

Any reason why the Task category > Change data is not saving the task?

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So, let me see if I got your issue. Your app has an action, and this action works properly. Then you create a new workflow rule and give it a name; in the tab Run these tasks you select Change Data as Task Category; in the Drop Down Data Change Action Name you can see your action and you can select it. Then you save your App and after saving you cannot see the selected action anymore.
Is it correct?

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Yes correct…it was bugging me. I wondered if there was an action error but again I ensured task was fully functioning. It was a strange one. I also changed task name to simply “Task 2” as I wondered if naming it a longer name was an issue (a man has to try everything!)

The workaround was to create another additional task (so I just duplicated the first task). After duplicating, I was able to save the action on the second task, then I simply deleted the first task!

Now working but it was a bit strange. Kept trying for most of the morning to figure it out.


That certainly sounds like a bug with the app editor. Please engage for help with this.