Workflow runs with unsynced values

Hi all,
I have an order form (related order details) and a workflow triggered with all updates on orders form.

Problem is that, when I change order and included order details, Workflow runs and sends an invoice as an attached email. But the invoice does not include the lastly changed order details. First sync always runs with empty order details values.

I changed the orders table a bit to fire a data-sync first then change a row to trigger send email action. It works but it is not user friendly.
Is it expected behavior? Or am I missing something?
Is there a better solution?
Note: database is google sheets.

Hi, this is happening because of timing. The parent record is saved first and then related child records. Check this article how you can avoid this… the section “Sending Email Only After Adding a Parent Record and All of Its Children”


Excellent . Thank you @Alexis_Schwertz
(In fact, I have done the same thing in the workflow part. I should be on the actions part )