Workflow Save File Template using Google Docs

I used the Create feature in Workflow’s Save File Template. It created a Google doc just fine and it worked. I started formatting the Template, adding bold and changing the font color to the responses (everything like <<[Name]>>). I finished formatting, tested and no file. I know the workflow worked because I also have it creating an email and that worked. So I recreated the template and after every ten edits to formatting I tested. Two times the testing failed, I used undo in google docs to go back to the last time the template worked, tested again, it worked. I started formatting again. Followed this process until I formatted and tested the entire template successfully. My question is, why is simple formatting of the template breaking it?

Thanks Steve.
I looked at the audit log. I forgot I to include the error I received in the original post. Sorry.
Body template. Contains expression ‘<<[Anxiety]>>Anxiety Description: <<[Anxiety Description]>>’ having a start token ‘<<’ with an incomplete end token ‘>>’ following ‘<<[Anxiety]>>’ Error: The document body is empty",
I checked the template and all expressions began and ended with << and >>. Is there something I need to look for that could cause the app the inability to read the end token? I looked at the HTML version of the template and all tokens looked fine.

Can you post a screenshot of the template?

Sure. Thanks.

You’ll have to open in a new window to read

See topic “Troubleshooting Start and End Expressions” in this article

You probably have a carriage return in the midst of the expression somewhere that is throwing off the parser.

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Thanks Phil - I wondered if it was something like that based on the way the error was stated in the audit log. I’ll be careful to watch out for carriage returns before and after the tokens in future templates.

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Have you gotten this working? Was a carriage return the problem?

Steve - I haven’t created a new template to try out. And based on other threads, It appears a good way to solve both the carriage return and logo moving, is to always use a table in the template to place the data elements. Thanks again for all your help.

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