Workflow Save file to "Shared drives"

I am trying to get a Workflow save file (PDF) to save to a “Shared drives” folder. The action always saves, subordinate to “My Drive”. Is there a way to save to a “Shared drives” folder?

I have even tried changing the “My Account” “settings” to “Shared drives”. The result is a subfolder under “My Drive” named “Shared drives”.

If you add that shared folder into same folder where the spreadsheet is as “Add to My Drive”, you should be able to use it.

Tried that. The spreadsheet is in the Shared drive, but the Workflow save file is always saved subordinate to “My Drive” instead of the Shared Drive, even when I set the “options” folder to “Shared drives/”. A signature is saved to the Shared drive but not the Workflow save file.

Thanks for your response.