Workflow Select()

Looking for some support from the community:

Working on workflow template and I am trying to sum by date but struggling to do so.

the report is selecting a range of days but this were i get stuck.

if create a start expression if show the all the days in the select even if the days are duplicates. and I am have trouble grouping/summing the hours by the days. or least some idea to do this.



We do not support a way of grouping records by date (or other field value) in a workflow rule or Report.

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Calculate the hours sum, something like this:

SUM( SELECT( … , [date] = [_THISROW].[date] ))

Suppress the extraneous START iterations with a template-if expression, such as:

<<IF: [key] = MAXROW( … , “_rownumber” , [date] = [_THISROW].[date] ) >>