Workflow template filter and orderby?

I am working to create a pdf report from a sheet tab, called A LINKS.
The idea is to create a pdf report of all the rows and order them by column name ZWEMDOCENT.

<<start: Filter(A LINKS, true)>> Create a pdf report from all the rows is working, but how to sort on the column name ZWEMDOCENT. I tried to add orderby, but can’t get it to work.

[Naam] = key column Zwemdocent = Enum

Hopefully you can help me out :slight_smile:

Try with ORDERBY(FILTER(“A Links”,TRUE),[Zwemdocent],TRUE)

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For reference:

Perfect it is working. I did almost the same, but you add “ and ” , can you explain me what is the difference without the “ ”. Normally it is standing for text but…

already thank.

With the “” you can be sure that the parser understand it’s a string, not a column name etc.

Is it also possible to create for each zwemdocent a separate page.
for example if we have two zwemdocenten(teachers) (Wilco and Aleksi)
That i get one 1 pdf with 2 pages one for Aleksi and one for Wilco.

Ha, thanks for explaining it. :slight_smile:

Hi i have another question.

WHEN THIS HAPPENS, at the work flow was TARGET DATA A links. Now i changed it for PDF a new data table. So i can make an option in de app create PDF’s files.

But now my Maand (Totaal overzicht) field is not working any more <<[maand]>>, it seems i have to include the reference to data table A LINKS? But how, hopefully you can help me out.