Workflow Template <<If: not working

I have a workflow template that was working perfectly until I added an IF expression to one of the columns. I tested it and I got an error message saying I have an unmatched start expression, unmatched end expression, and unmatched IF expression. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

My IF expression in the column

<<If: ISNOTBLANK([URL])>><<hyperlink([URL],”URL Link”)>><<[EndIf]>>

Error Message:

Failed: Action not performed because 1 errors are present. Error: Workflow rule ‘Links Report’ action ‘Links Report PDF’ Attachment template. Found 1 unmatched ‘Start’, 1 unmatched ‘End’, 1 unmatched ‘If’. They are:

‏<<Start: Filter(“Uses Query”,[Use Opportunity ID] = [_THISROW].[Use Opportunity ID])>><<[Use Opportunity]>>‏

’, ‘

‏<<If: ISNOTBLANK([URL])>><<hyperlink([URL],”URL Link”)>><<[EndIf]>>‏

’, '

‏<<hyperlink([Video Screenshot],”Screenshot”)>><>‏


Please post a screenshot of the template portion causing the error.

Hi @Jordan_Davis1
I dont think you should have square brackets around the End if


Good catch!

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Could it be “… shouldn’t have…”?

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" i dont think you should" I said


My oldie goldie eyes :man_facepalming: Sorry @Lynn