Workflow Template Issue


I have create a Workflow Template based on a Tasks Table which has a related table Tasks_Line_Details. When a record is created in the Tasks Table the Workflow triggers fine but for some reason the Tasks_Line_Details are not being displayed but if I go into the Workflow Rule in the editor and run a ‘Test’ for the same record the email is coming through with the Tasks_Line_Details.

I am using <<Start:[Related Tasks_Line_Details]>> to show the Line Details. I can’t seem to workout why this behaviour is happening.

Any advice would be great, thank you.

You see that behavior because first the parent records are saved and then the child records. When you trigger the workflow from the parent, it’s triggered once the parent record is saved where the child records are not in the table yet. Please see this if it’s helpful from @Aleksi’s portfolio


Thank you @LeventK for the guidance and the link to the sample app.

You’re welcome @MauriceWhelan, my pleasure.