Workflow Template Totals Row

I have a workflow template that provides a list of all sales for the last month. I want the last row to be a totals row for all columns so I made a separate start expression

<<Start:Table[Key ID]>><<TEXT(Grand Total)>>

Then each cell has a SUM(Select, however, it’s returning a separate row for each sale, instead of one row for all. The expression I’m using is

<<SUM(SELECT(Payments[Amount],[Client] = “Client”))>>

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

Please post a screenshot of the whole template.

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Grand Total Row Outputting for each sale rather than once for all sales

<<START:Payments[Log ID]>>

is telling the system to create a row in the template for each row in the Payments table. It looks like if you just removed that second Start expression (and the End), then it’ll do what you want.

Also, you can replace

<<TEXT( Grand Total)>>

With just:

Grand Total

I’d advise reviewing the Start expressions help articles another time.

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That’s what it was. Thanks so much!!!