Workflow text alert using data from 2 tables?

I have a simple inventory app with 2 tables: “Items” and “Inventory.”

My “Items” table contains the individual items we carry while the “Inventory” table contains all the inventory transactions (sign out, returns, etc.)

In my “Inventory” table I have a virtual column called [Current Amount] that calculates current inventory levels via a SUM(Select) expression.

In my “Items” table I have a number column called [Restock Alert] for every item we carry. This number is intended to act as a trigger to notify us when it’s time to reorder an item.

I know how to create the workflow but I can’t figure out the correct expression to trigger the text alert. I’ve tried several SELECT() expressions but can’t crack it. Any guidance is greatly appreciated!

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Hello @Dialect_Junk, to answer your question directly, if you want to send a text alert depending on the [Restock Alert] of your “Items” table…

You have to set up a workflow in your “Inventory” table that runs on ALL CHANGES, i’m assuming there’s a reference between your two tables, given your description of your use case, so this would be the expression for the workflow condition:

[Item_ref].[Restock Alert] > some value


SWITCH( [Item_ref].[Restock Alert], some value, some result . . . .)

You get the idea