Workflow Text Justified

Hi All,

Is it possible to justify text in a workflow template. I set up the MS Word template with justified paragraph text, but when the pdf is saved/ emailed, the text is left aligned.

Many thanks!

@Phil Any thoughts?

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@Phil Have you been able to have a look?

This would greatly improve the look of the reports I am generating with the workflows. :wink:

I will try to look at it, but it may take a few days.
I have a list of issues I am investigating and frankly I fear this one will be among the more difficult.

Have you tried using a Google Docs template?
I am not sure it will be any better, but it seems worth a try.

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Hi Phil, Have you had another look at this? I did not get any better results with Google Docs template.

Hi there @Phil,

Have you been able to get to this?