Workflow that triggered by date


How can I create a workflow that triggered by date?

Like I want to create a report using workflow that triggered by date (preferably monthly) so the report can be sent to me every month .

Can I get help on this?

Hi Nur,
Check this video out.

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You need to checkout reports in Behavior -> Reports. They basically work the same as Workflows but are triggered on a time/date rather than an event in the App.

You’ll need the Pro licenses though

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I prefer to set it through Workflow as my subscribed plan right now does not allow me to use Reports. so i’m trying to use as much features as i can in my subscribed plan.

Thank you @Lynn, i will try to look through it

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Thank you for your suggestion @Kent_Wu

Workflows can only be triggered by a change made within the app. A change in the app must be initiated by the app user. There is no way to implement a reliable automated monthly report without using the reports feature.

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