Workflow to Bot Migration

Hi, quick question regarding the migration of our workflows to bots.

For my own understanding of the process, I created Bots based on the workflows we already have in the app.

When Appsheet team are moving these over from workflows will they then become duplicated or will they not be copied over at all? Would it be better to keep these in the app or would it be easier for the team if they were removed?

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It is my understanding that AppSheet will be providing soon a feature for us to manually migrate Workflows to Bots - this will do two things 1) flush out any issues with the migration process 2) Provide confidence and assurance that the Bots will perform as expected when migrated.

I also suggested they provide a way to mark any manually migrated Workflows so they are not duplicated.

The actual migration by AppSheet likely won’t happen for a few months. But after the 10th, you will no longer be ab to recreate Workflows. So it is important to keep them in the app until you 100% confident the Bots are performing as you expect.

In your case, It sounds like you are ahead of the game! Here is what I would recommend for you.

  1. Copy the app to keep a record of the state of the Workflows as they are now so you can refer back to that if needed.

  2. Assuming this is a production app, I would switch to the Bot for just a single or a few processes - disable the Workflow(s) and enable the Bot(s). Watch or test that the Bots perform as expected. Then switch more processes and repeat.

  3. Once all processes are switched to Bots, I would let them run for at least a week watching for any issues. How long you wait is dependent on the frequency of use of the app. Once you are convinced all is good, then delete all of the Workflows from the app.

Remember you have an app copy to refer back to should you ever have questions but after the 10th you will not be able to re-insert a Workflow if it was deleted.

Now if your app is not yet deployed, I would simply switch all of the processes to the Bots at once and then watch for any issues in the app, investigate and correct but still follow the same basic process.


Thats great, thanks! :slight_smile:

When we start the auto-migration process (target end of June) we will automatically convert all existing workflow rules/reports into bots.

Shortly we plan to introduce a tool “Convert to bot” that will allow you to convert your workflow rules/reports to bots individually between now and end of June - We are doing this so customers can start getting familiar with bots sooner.

If you have already created Bots for all your workflows and you haven’t deleted your workflows, then they “will” become duplicates. Its best to delete them in that case.


Can AppSheet add some toggle in the Workflows that allows us to mark a Workflow as migrated - or more precisely - ignore for automated migration?

Since the ability to add Workflows is being turned off, there are very good reasons to keep a Workflow in the app as a backup. For example, if there turns out to be a bug in a certain Bot process flow, the Workflow might need to be re-enabled to keep a critical app functional. This is true even after the automated migration.