Workflow to export a file doesn't work

Hi all,

I need your help to fix a bug on my app. It’s an inventory app that has an action to create a PDF label file with a description, size, price, etc of an item. It works like this:

After pressing an action, Label column changes by +1

Then, a workflow with UPDATES_ONLY update event runs a task that creates pdf. So far so good.

The workflow has a condition:

The problem is that this condition doesn’t work and the workflow runs a task every single time an update is made in any row. Therefore, it creates a pdf file every time someone changes quantity, description, image, etc.

How to fix the workflow so that a PDF is created only after an update in Label column and not anywhere else?

Is the workflow triggering when the [Label] column is blank?

Try it with this:

  ISNOTBLANK( [Label] ) ,
  [_THISROW_BEFORE].[Label] <> [_THISROW_AFTER].[Label]



Great, thanks a lot. This is working wonderfully.

Indeed, when the Label had no value, the workflow ran based on any updates in any other columns.