Workflow to send Email only to "distinct" email address in case of duplicates

For the workflow to send email, I construct the expression to dynamically build the email list for distribute from custom user table. This exprssions are set for “To” as well as “CC”.

Based on that, there is a case the same email address are listed up both in TO and CC sections. Appsheet workflow will send email twice to the same email address, which I wish to avoid.

All in all, in case we have duplicate email address across, TO, CC sections, or respectively, then Appsheet only fire email once to the duplicated email address.

Hmmm, this seems to either be a bug or a design flaw. When you manually create a message and insert an email in the To and Cc (and Bcc for that matter), the recipient will only get that message once. This is controlled at the email server level…at least that is how every email server I have worked with operates.

I would assume AppSheet constructs emails from our Workflows just as if we had generated the new message ourselves. The tools are there to do so. When sent, it should then follow the same email server rules…sending once to each recipient regardless of the number of times listed on the email.

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Maybe you could use Not and Intersect for the CC section, so you only use the ones that don’t match up with any in the To section.

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