Workflow to send email with attachment


I have an app in which i wish to generate an email with an attachment of QR Images.
I wish to allow the user to select all the relevant QR images and then hit a button to send an email.

Right now i have An action that sets a column to true, and a workflow that checks if the column is true.

However, it seems to work one row at a time, meaning, if i select 3 rows, i receive 3 emails instead of one email.

When i run a report it works great and i receive one email with all QR images.

Any thoughts?

One way it would be have a parent table like Orders and the user picks as a child table, QR Codes.

Then in you have the workflow on the orders table and in the template, you use Start-End to get the child’s values.

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I have tried to use a parent table and used an enumlist with a ref type and got the IDs, however i need the images printed rather than the IDs

In the example above, you get the photos printed.
All you need to do is have the column which stores the QR Code

Which table is the print from?


You set the workflow on the parent table

Then, in the template, you access the child table with the start statement.

[related records column] from the parent table
[columns from the child table]

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