Workflow to Trigger View Action & Enum-List Display


I have a lists of checklists that I would like to display on a Home screen as whether or not they are done in enum-list button format. I am stuck on trying to get workflow on adding an enum-list entry to executing an action. Is this possible? I would also have to be able to skip detailed view off a table view and go straight to being able to edit to be able to see the enum-list buttons.

The example shows kind of what I want to do. Buttons are pre-selected based if it can find that checklist in a different table. If user selects a button, it takes them to a form to perform that checklist using linktoform with preselected values.


I haven’t tried to doing this myself. I’d imagine you would have a table with a single row and at least two columns (the key and the checklist selected). The home screen view could be a form on the one row of the table, that displays only the checklist column, and with auto-advance and auto-save enabled, so that the the form is saved as soon as the user chooses a checklist. Then you’d need an on-saved event action set that navigates the user to the selected checklist. The downsides of this approach: the user could cancel out of the form.

You might also want to consider a launcher-style interface. It’s more complex, though.

I think this would work, but the homescreen that I wish to place the checklist selection on has a lot of information that is noneditable. Would auto-adance & auto-save would work in a table that has only one editable column?

I think the downside is mitigated since I set the initial values to be reset to what is actually true by using LOOKUP with some virtual columns.

Also, do you happen to know if I can ignore detail view since enum buttons do not show up in detail view?

I know it does if the form has only editable columns. I can’t speak from experience for forms with non-editable columns.

As in, how do you go directly from a deck, gallery, or table view to a form view without going through the detail view? You’d need to create an action of type App: go to another view within this app and a target using LINKTOROW().

Since you’re (currently) using a detail view and have other things to display, you might consider other alternatives within the detail display:

  • Add an inline gallery or table view to list atop a table describing the available checklists, use row-selected event actions to send the user to the appropriate checklist, and use format rules to highlight those the use has already completed. This a complex but flexible approach.

  • Add an action with a prominence of Display prominently for each checklist and use format rules to highlight those the use has already completed. This is a messy, cumbersome approach.

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Thank you so much for your help last time Steve, it’s pretty awesome.

Is there a way to actively change the values of the virtual columns of an inline table though? I have the formatting rules checking to see if certain conditions apply but I want to also change values in the inline table based off selections in the detail view. I’ll show an example via a gif.

The formatting is changing based off which [Run] I select, but I want the date to change actively to represent the checklist it represents.

The solution I’m thinking of is just to make the inline table it is referencing have a row for every single combination and just update the date in there based off what gets updated in the checklist. Would that require a workflow?

I’ve not attempted what you want, so I really don’t have much to offer. I wonder if a dashboard view might be useful?