Workflow trigger from spreadsheet issue

I have a workflow email that triggers from a value change in a record. The value change is determined from a Google Sheet equation rather than an Appsheet equation. My understanding is that my workflow isn’t working because the change is determined by the spreadsheet and Appsheet doesn’t see it. Is there a workaround for this other than creating a scheduled report?

Thanks in advance!


You need to get Appheet involved to detect the change in the data source. If you want to trigger the change in data within data on spreadsheet, why don t you change the value of spreadsheet using Appsheet API? For instance, if you run external app or service, then through API call from there to Appsheet API to make a change to the spreadsheet.

This requires the Appsheet Business plan, but it surely works.

The Appsheet is able to detect the change in the value on spread sheet or even the addition of new row/record to spreadsheet, it fire the workflow as you wish.

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Unless it’s something that AppSheet can’t do, I would advocate migrating any calculations over to appsheet.

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