Workflow triggered by "add a new row to another table" action

Hello AppSheet Community,

Please take a look at the following diagram! is the following chain of actions and workflows are realizable?

Somehow the action “Add a new row to another table” cannot invoke Workflow #2. Although adding data manually to tableX start Workflow #2 and Action #2 as well.

Please let me know if AppSheet capable of handling this! If yes I will further investigate.


Instead of Data Change worflow rule, use webhook workflow and choose preset AppSheet Edit Row. This will automatically trigger the workflow#2.



The actions of a workflow will not trigger other workflows.


Hello Steve,
Workflow rules will become Bots soon.
Your comment is valid for bots as well?
I mean a bot’s process can trigger another bot’s event?

I have no idea; I have no experience with Automation. @prithpal, can you offer any insight?

Yes it will.
Automation will make it possible that the one workflow (currently called so) will trigger another workflow.


Yes it can. If Bot 1 has a step/task of type “data change” that changes data on let’s say table2, and if you have Bot 2 that is listening for changes to data in table2, then Bot 2 will be triggered.


Without separating into two bot, we wrap everything into one BOT to do the same job, is that right?

Yes, you can wrap everything inside one bot.

Automation is built on the design principle of reusability (tasks, processes, events) which provides multiple options:

  1. You can have a bot call another process directly through the “call process” step.
  2. You can have bot trigger another bot directly (as discussed above)
  3. Multiple bots can be created by reusing existing events & processes

I think you are saying if BOT1 triggers an update event in another table and I have BOT2 configured to look for an Update_Only event in that other table, then BOT1 should trigger BOT2?

I have this set up actually, however BOT2 does not seem to get triggered.

My understanding is the answer to your query is YES, correct.Thats how Automation would work and designed.
If not working, then I suggest you contact support.

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I guess I’m missing something then, because my second bot does not execute. Hopefully today’s office hours will shed some more light on this.

Yes, will see.
I tested simple bots, and bot 1 triggered bot 2 as advised, for your guidance.

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Any chance you can share how you accomplished this? I have a table where a user interaction changes something, then I have a bot that changes a value in a Ref table and does some other things. My Bot2 is supposed to pick up the changes in the Ref table but apparently does not do so.

Any insight you could share would be appreciated.

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