Workflow triggered successfully but yielding no results

Good Day,

I am experiencing a bizarre result when trigger a scheduled report.

I have created a very simple template expression…

<<Start: Daily Report[ID]>>
  Q1: <<[TEMPLATE].[Q1]>>
  OPT1: <<[OPT1]>>

The result is successful however, this is the result perplexing to me. Moreover, when I avoid the template expression altogether and just enter the columns directly in the email body (without a template) I get this error

Any help would be appreciated

ScheduledReport (2).pdf (12.5 KB)

SELECT(Daily Report[ID], TRUE)

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Does the Daily Report table have a column named TEMPLATE? The report generator thinks not.

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Using <<Start: Select(Daily Report[ID], TRUE)>> yields the exact same results

Indeed it does have a [TEMPLATE] column, it is a ref. I have tried other columns as well and it makes no difference. Same behavior

My question was bad:

Your <<Start>> tag is this:

<<Start: Daily Report[ID]>>

which means column references between that <<Start>> tag and its <<End>> tag will refer to columns of the rows identified by the [ID] values, NOT columns of the Daily Report table. Does the table to which the values of the ID column refer have a TEMPLATE column?

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Yes, the Daily Report is just a slice, all of the columns of the Daily Report[ID] are included in the slice, including the Template column

Please post a screenshot of the configuration screen of the ID column of the Daily Report table/slice.

Slice (the row filter condition is working as intended. There are entries , regardless, I have tried to completely remove it-no difference)


Id Column settings 1 0f 2

Id column settings 2 of 2

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Does View Data display the rows you expect?


Taken from slice

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Hmm. Looks good there.

Please post a screenshot of the configuration of the Template column of the Inspections table.

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I originally thought this may have been the issue but no matter the column I throw in the template the results are the same

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Well, I’m at a loss! I’m going to have to refer you to so someone there can look deeper. Once you’ve figured it out, I’d appreciate if you’d share the fix here in the community. I’m definitely curious!

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Thanks, @Steve. I will open a ticket and definitely post an update.

I appreciate it


Update: it appeared as though my security filters were causing the issues.

I bypassed them and I was able to generate a proper workflow. Still confused as to why considering I was not one of the users who would have been affected by the filtered data.

Regardless, thanks for the assistance :slight_smile:

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