Workflow triggering when changes are made to the database

Hi all,
Is there a way, a bypass or something that would allow workflow triggering when changes are made to the database (spreadsheed) on the server?
Thanks in advance for your advice.


Thanks Steve :slight_smile:
your straight answer discourages me from using Appsheet which I instead find great.
If I can take advantage of your knowledge, how would you handle the need to create a mobile app which gets synchronized with the database and can trigger events (such as emailing alerts) either when something specific gets updated in the database or through the mobile app?
Thx in advance

I have no suggestions to offer. @LeventK, perhaps?

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Just update and edit your data through Appsheet API so that Appsheet can detect the change in data to fire your own workflow.

Appsheet is business app, not designed for instance, chat app.

There should be technical difficulties for now to push the change in data base to “clients” like Real-time database would do.

Firebase, Firestore, or any other availble “realtime database” is not accsssible from Appsheet.

But again “FOR NOW”


I just tested Amazon Honeycode.

They are based on their own “workbook” which is something like Google spreasheet with least functionality. Good thing with it is it is realtime database.

I was not impressed by Honeycode at all, just because it was just like a slighly advanced web form builer although it stands on the realtime database.

For me, Appsheet is the world best tool to develop app in agile way.

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You can set a Google Apps Script in your back-end gSheet and bind it to an onEdit(e) trigger which will make UrlFetchApp call to a desired AppSheet API endpoint and update your app data which will also trigger any workflow set as UPDATES_ONLY or ADDS_AND_UPDATES. That’s the only way to trigger an AppSheet workflow rule by editing the back-end manually.


Guys you are masters :smiley: thanks so much.
I do love Appsheet and the support you are giving. Thumbs up!

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Hi LeventK,
Would you happen to have an example of the UrlFetchApp call to AppSheet API?
In my case, every time an existing record is updated in the server (Google sheet) I’d like the API to copy all records (not just the one that got updated) into the Appsheet table, and consequently trigger the workflow that I have set as Adds_and_Updates.
Thanks for your help.

@LeventK don’t want to hassle you on this but I’m a newbie and would really benefit of your help with an example of the UrlFetchApp call described above.

This is just an example. The code will differ depending on how and form which source you want to trigger it for execution

var appID = "Your_App_ID_Here";
var apiKey = "Your_AppSheet_API_Key_Here";
var tableName = "Targer_Table_Name_Here"

function uploadDataToAppSheet() {
  var baseURL = ""+appID+"/tables/"+encodeURIComponent(tableName);
  var payload = {
    "Action": "Add",
    "Properties": {
		"Locale": "Your_Locale_Here",
		"Location": "Your_GPS_Coordinates_Here",
		"Timezone": "Your_Timezone_Here"
    "Rows": [
        //Your JSON Payload goes here
  var options = {
    'headers' : {
      'ApplicationAccessKey': apiKey,
      'content-type' : 'application/json'
    'method': 'POST',
    'payload': JSON.stringify(payload),
    'muteHttpExceptions' : true
  var response = UrlFetchApp.fetch(baseURL, options);
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