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Workflow (webhook) question - trigger on a data change via action

I have an event action that when I save a form for table 1, changes the value of a field in another table, called webhook status (action type - execute an action on a set of rows).

Currently, my workflow rule is looking at the webhook status table where the action is changing the data, not at the initial form, because I want to trigger the workflow from several different tables/forms and having 1 workflow instead of many would be ideal.

It makes sense to me that the change in the webhook status table, the one the workflow rule is looking at, should count as a data change, therefore triggering my workflow to run.

Right now, it isn’t running.

If I link the workflow to the form itself, it runs as intended.

Can a workflow rule only be triggered when the data change is happening from adding a new row or updating the row through a form instead of an action?

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I think I may have tracked down the issue but can’t seem to fix it.

My action that is supposed to execute on a set of rows does not work.

I built a view so i could trigger it manually and it doesn’t make the data change.

Can that type of action be used when the 2 tables don’t have a ref field between them?

Is there a better way to set the value of a column in a different table from the current table?

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Have you checked this article? - Changing Data from a Workflow Rule or Scheduled Report Changing Data from a Workflow Rule or Scheduled Report

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@Aleksi_Alkio Yes, that’s what I was trying to accomplish, however, I don’t have a parent/child relationship between the 2 tables and in their case, it looks like they do.

My select function for the referenced rows is also very similar to the article.

Select(webhook status[Key], [Key]=thisrow)

My webhook status table only has 2 columns, [Key] and [status].

The table only has 1 row with the key in my select statement.

I’m fairly certain I’ve used this same setup in previous apps and it’s worked, so I’m not sure what’s going on here

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What is the meaning of “thisrow” in your SELECT expression?

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That is the value in the key column for the row I’d like to edit